Thursday, July 14, 2005

5 Days Off: Day 2

Duran Duran vs. Prince? This was a debate that kept us occupied in a chic bar off Leidseplein, and it was three to my one in favour of the filthy deviant. The three in question were Greek friends of mine who would be accompanying me to the Melkweg that night. This bar is typical of the bars I visit when in Vangelis’ company; cosmopolitan and expensive with a beautiful and stylish female clientele. A million miles from Padraig Pearse’s GAA Clubhouse in Ballinasloe.

We left the bar around 12.20 to catch Mouse on Mars as they arrived on stage. The Melkweg is divided into two rooms and Mouse on Mars were to play in the smaller room. This room was impressively laid out, with TV’s stacked on top of each other in the middle of the dance floor and to the sides, beaming out a range of electronic images, numbers and static appropriate for Mouse on Mars’ warm electronics and experimentations. They were greeted with a warm welcome when they came on stage, and they didn’t disappoint, unleashing a wall of noise with a funky groove. They looked busy on stage and a lot their set sounded like improv. However, during the set there was a steady stream of people leaving for the next room, despite the excellent set and this definitely affected the ambience. I don’t know what they were expecting, but if it was tacky, gay Italo disco then they came to the wrong place. Fucking posers. Mouse on Mars left the stage to rapturous applause from a depleted crowd. They really deserved so much better.

Then we stuck around to listen (Mad) Ed who was dj’ing in between acts to keep things flowing. He crossed genres and I really liked his mixing, though Vangelis said he didn’t like it and that he could do sooooo much better. This is typical of the arrogant wank stain. Vangelis is a slick mo’fucker but with the fashion sense of Don Johnson, which says it all really. But we’re pretty tight.

Then thanks to the tyranny of the majority, we waited to watch Jamie Liddell do his ‘thang’. The tosser had a camera erected right in front of his face so we could see close-ups of him on the giant screen behind. For the first track he had Mocky, who is kinda his bastard child, playing bass beside him. How derivative, we all taught. Squarepusher? Anyway, my mama told me that cynicism is an ugly human trait so I’ll refrain from ranting any further. Needless to say though, we didn’t stick around for the end of his set because Mu were about to start in the big room!

Bloody ‘ell, what can I say about this lot? Unbridled smudge-mascara disco with a punk-rock energy! There was no DJ’s or musicians on stage, just an incredibly sexy Japanese girl with freaked-out vocals, wearing a ballerina tutu and a basque, attempting cartwheels and other gymnastic manoeuvres and failing miserably. And yeah, the music was pretty damn awesome too. Then Tiga came on to close the night, playing his usual standard of dance floor bombers. I was expecting a variety of styles, but it was pretty much straight techno all the way. Not that I was complaining, but the tiredness was wearing me down for the last hour so I didn’t exert my arms that much (clubs don’t close down ‘till five over here, so I’m not a sissy). It was a great night, but fuck I hate the passive Dutch clubbers/posers.

Tonight then, I expect, is going to the highlight of my festival. Seeing one of your favourite acts, Autechre, playing a rare live set on the night of your birthday is pretty fucking special. That’s right folks, at the turn of midnight tonight, I’ll be the big 2 2. What would make the night even more special would be to receive 22 kisses from 22 beautiful women. Fuck yeah! And I’m also particularly excited about hopping to the infectious grooves of the legendary Luke Vibert aka. Wagon Christ, Amen Andrews, Kerrier District, Plug. Among others. And there’s more. Rotterdam based Speedy J will be playing music in the Surround Sound 5.1 format. 5.1 is a format consisting of a 5-speaker alignment around the listener and a sub-woofer for bass sound effects. Mainly used for home cinema use to make the cinematic experience more spatial and realistic. This will be a nice appetiser for the 5 hour Chris Liebing and Speedy J Collabs Session taking place on Sunday. Also playing in 5.1 format this evening will be Richard Devine, a master of digital sculpture. I saw this guy at the last Warp night in Amsterdam and was very impressed. Christian Vogel will also be playing his brand of hard-hitting beats.

Anyway, I’m wrecked after 4 hours sleep but am very excited about tonight. It may not be until Saturday before I post again, depending on my condition tomorrow. Doei!

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Sorry for not keeping this updated. I didn't have access to a computer that weekend and was busy packing the following days. Now that I'm back in Ireland, Dad has me working on the farm and in the bog. I shit you not. So it may be a while before I post the rest of the review due to serious time restraints. But sure I can tell you all about it when I see 'youse' in person.

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