Monday, January 24, 2005

The Problem In This Equation Is Work.

Christmas was a fucking riot of fun, missing all the shite melodramas, rom-coms, historical epics and sentimental seasonal shite - waking up and reading, then off to the TV for the wierd off kilter stuff the national broadcaster feels obliged to shovel to insomniacs. Tonight there was a film on from 1945 about these three students that kill someone for the intellectual kicks, I mean you don't get that at prime time viewing.

Then there's the creativity of being a night owl, what with people bumbling around all day suddenly off locked up where they belong in bed you get time to do all sorts of shit. the amount of books I got to read over Xmas. Though to be honest, the biggest problem within this equation is work. But hopefully next year I've a solution to that, if I qualify for the dole while still doing night classes, I'll be waving good bye to a substantial part of the day and greeting the night. It's not really got a lot to do with night time though, just industry's inability to allow individuals their own sleeing pattern and need to have us all in work at nine, on the bosses time. Working nights would be as shit as working during the day and your body clock would equally resist it. The dole and recreational slumming is a solution to all that.

If a survey was done, you'd be pretty sure that most of the internet was created at night time, from watching indymedia, its clear the highest proportion of feature development gets posted up on that after midnight. Most of my essays were/are done in the wee hours, coffeed up and focused with spliff, but thats for me, thats on the bassi that you do a fair whack of reading, then handing them in immediately the next morning, while I saunter off google eyed and slightly high from sleep deprivation. That'll be me tonight, I'm doing an all nighter to get some shit done, a few doses of techno to replace the spliff and coffee to prolong the night. Then on to a train, listening to something with an electronic twist, operating in a mindframe totally out of kilter to all the sleepy 9am victims to the world of work around me. Aphex Twin my sound track for them. Gets me in a photographic mood, I've wanted to take photos of city centre streets in commuter rush hours, replace some people digitally with robot drones, super impose conveyor belts on to the paths, delivering people to work against their will. That's a reality thats as obvious as the misery on peoples faces at that hour. Staying up all nights the only way I see that hour of day due to my bodyclock, also means i get into work at a socialable hour, get shit done, then head off giddy from ignoring sleep.

Online gaming, first person shooters? If I had broadband I could imagine getting sucked into that particularly scary underbelly of the net, truly the stuff of science fiction, I remember reading a cyber punk novel called Snowcrash years ago, where we interact with the internet as if in a first person shooter, with unique avators you walk into a store or library, consume and use just like clicking a link. It was an evergrowing world, as people built their sites it extended. I used to play Counterstrike, totally addicted, closing my eyes and seeing the scenery of the games always a sympton of overdoing it, as is dreaming the game. Then again, not having broadband confines me to bulliten boards and random blogs, peering in on the world of others silently. Maybe I can collectivise this one.

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