Saturday, February 11, 2006

Thai Dispatches 1: Cultural Differences Of Utmost importance

Toilets: OK this is one of those things that you know about but really are never perpared for. I mean you hear squating, you know and expect squating but when you get there. FUCK I have to squat. I think we are all use to squating, its not like sitting in a clubs toilet is the cleanest thing to do. But these toilets are low and you have to worry about the splash factor. And forget going for a shit. But here is the killer. no toilet paper or flush. There is this hose that you wash yourself with and then you fill a bucket to pour down the squat toilet in hopes that it will flush on its own.

Yes, they have Starbucks and McDonalds. In Bangkok at least. I suppose they are trying to make them culturally appropriate, which of course is bullshit, but they have auld Ronald with his hands together as a sign of respect. There is an obsession with western culture and western pop music specifically here and well for that matter any non-english speaking country I have been to. Its like that movie Gallaxy Quest. The only radio signals they get from the west is pop music so they think that its good. seeing young bands give it there all for "ohhh baby I love your ways . . . everyday" is sad to say the least. Then heading to a club called Immortal "best hip hop club in town" and seeing every thai girl dressing and dancing like every girl in the videos of their favorite songs. Everything becomes a stereotype. you see the 22 year old male from the states, who just graduated and has been drinking cheap beer in Thailand long enough that he too thinks he is "big pimping" and shoves his white dick against the thai girls ass, thinking that yes he is the shit tonight.
Then you go outside to escape only to see lost hippies dancing on the streets hoping that this moment of ecstacy will never end.

Vegetarian: I have had some of the best veggie food here, some places, espcially those who target tourists specialize in veggie food. But the moment you leave those safety nets you are pretty much fucked. I mean I went to eat by the river at this little place. Me, my dad and his girl friend ordered the same dish, theres with pork and mine with tofu. We get ours, I have tofu sitting ontop of a pork dish. We return it and ask for NO MEAT. I get another dish with tofu and no big chunks of prk but the noddles are covered in the stuff, they try to say that its egg, but when my dad had a bite he said it was pork. they saw the sad look on my face as I looked across the river wishing for Cornicopia and they brought me a veggie dish this time, hot noddles cooked with out pork this time. I suppose in a country where they eat bugs for a snack, alive, dried or otherwise, the idea of what is meat is flexiable.

There is another post on Thailand over here.

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Hey nice post. That Ronald McDonald statue is creepy looking, it loolks like he is about to abuse a child. I remember going over to Italy once on a bus and being confronted with these squat toilets that I thought at first were the lost bottom of a shower. It was ugly. There was a huge queue of blokes trying to get into the womens jacks to plonk on the porcelin. As you shat you could see the sewage under you throw a glass floor. I mean for fucksake. What was that for?
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