Friday, September 29, 2006

9/11 Conspiracy Nuts: Plane Crazy says Schnews and Cockburn

From a fringe that once made a name for itself distributing truth dollars to now more succesfully pushing viral videos on the youtubed and googled vidiot ciruit, 9-11 conspiracy theories have taken on a fast and furious popular growth in recent months. The successive releases of Loose Change, Terror Storm and a host of less competent productions has seen the 9-11 truth types quickly come to accumulate a louder and louder voice within the international anti-war community.

From a position of being able to ignore these cranks because of their association with Christian fundamentalists like Alex Jones who maintain that successive world leaders secretly signal to each other by making as many 'devil sign' gestures as Temple Bar kids at a Korn gig, sections of the left have recently responded to their crass parasitical attempt to ride on anti-war sentiment. Perhaps this is remains an international problem with little of the effect taking hold here, however there are some murmurings - some examples of this can be seen at the swamp that is the IAWM discussion forum, vandalised as it is with 9-11 conspiracy theory cut and pastes. Many other Indymedias are also lost under the growing signal of noise generated by these paranoics, this online effect obviously has repurcussions for the left.

When conspiracy loons that ignore all hopes of substantiating fact and condense unrelated co-incidences into sequenced pulling of the strings become one of the most visible groups explaining the events of the 'war of terror' it means the room for anti-capitalist arguments that challenge social relationships instead of cabals of devil worshipping elites is harder to hear against the rest of the noise. Thankfully Cockburn provides a useful article that demolishies these conspiracy nuts that share so many left wing themes as engaging in a socialism for the thick, while Schnews takes them on in its own wonderful 'in yer face' style by advising them to 'WAKE UP! IT'S PLANE YER CRAZY...' Let's just hope these nuts don't start infesting our own Indymedia with the same vehemence displayed on this particular thread.

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