Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dispatches 4: Bargaining

I have never been a fan of the bargain your price thing, I know that you can get cheap things that pay but I am just much more comfortable knowing how much something is. I mean I like the idea about getting a cheap price but when you are walking around, I don't want to get into a whole dialogue when I'm just window shopping. I was even talking about this the other day at work in regards to being offered a job, I said that I would take the first offer they gave me, everyone else looked at me and said "never take the first offer." But today things changed. I went to a few differnt markets, the central market; which is a local market where you get food and household goods and jewlary. There I bargined for banana's! It was a first bargain and I'm sure I paid much more then a local would have but really 3 small banana's for around 25 cents isn't that bad.

Later in the day I went to the Russian market. This one is more a tourist market. With movie and cds by the hundreds, silks, everything and anything traditionally cambodian that they think they can sell. I went mad. I bought presents for a number of people and a few things for myself. My favorite one was this necklace that I bought. I was buying it for a friend but knew exactly what I wanted. I went around checking the prices with all the similar ones. Then went to the nices one. While I was looking at it this other women was buying the same one, just a differnt colour stone. the necklace and the stone were seperate and therefor there was even more room for bargaining. when we were done with our dance, I got it for 3 euros cheaper then the women just before me and the women was laughing saying "you're good you're good".

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