Tuesday, February 12, 2002

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Film Reviews

Sixty Seconds On Film February 2006
Sixty Seconds On Film January 2006
Apocylapse of the League of Gentlemen
Brokeback Mountain and the Queering of the Cowboy
Alexi Sayles Miners Strike: How Would Hollywood Treat The Miners Strike?
The Exorcism Of Emily Rose: CSI Gone Wrong
Horror and Some Masters of the Stoned Metaphor
The Edukators: Just Shoot Him Please
The Work of Sergio Leone
Vera Drake: Corrie With A Bad Dose of the Richey Edwards

Music Related

Jilted Generation Re-appreciated
Whipping Boy In Cork
Eurythmics Greatest Hits Reviewed
From the DEAF Into Overkill
Boards of Canada: the Campfire Headphase Reviewed
So Who's Worth Checking Out? DEAF Preview 2006
Gig Review of Damien Dempsey: Just What Don't They Teach You In School?
Interview With Chymera After The Miss Kitten Gig
Shitmat: Oh Babylon Bwoi - Wha a Piece Of Brightness
Going Underground: Dublin's Techo Scene Profiled
Slatter Kenny: So This Is Where All The Richey Manics Fans Are
Five Days Off Day Two Report
Five Days Off: A Technolicious Festival
Ec8or and Soul Seeking Through The Night
Gotta Let You Go: Farewell Metropoliton
Invisible Agent Records Reviewed
DEAF: Supersonic Tonic for Dublins Music Scene
IPods and the Manfunctioning Consumer.Interview With A Vampire: IRMA and Music Piracy
Breakcore Nutters Leechrum Set Up Monthly Club
Precarity, The Manics and the End of a Design for Life


The Dispossessed


Whats The Difference Between Blek, Bansky and Will St. Leger?
Lynott Statue: Someone Lose Their Junior Cert Art Project?
Street Art: A Walls as Good As It Gets


Bosco Brilliance
Zines and Blogs.
The Return of Chris Morris
Op La! The Corrie Poshie Goes Down
United States of TV Unconciousness
Top 100 Cartoons Off All Time
Bash: When The Audience Stops Mattering
Candy and This Way Up: Dublin's Underground Press Gets A Boost
Urban 75 Profiled
Ireland On Sunday and Anarchists
Des Bishop: Give Him More TV Minutes.
Comic Book Round Up: Who Thought Kurt Cobain had owt to do with Rebellion?
Outfoxed: Gagging Online Whispering.


Muppet of the month: Grainne Kenny
Pat the Plank and Terrified Kids
Bertie! Give Us Our Day To Mourn
Could you fit Bono's ego in your gaff?
Mary Camden Has Sinned Again

Fragments of the Web

Super News: Have The Gods Gone Bowling.
Mashed Up Early Rave Mongrels
That Bad Bastard Morris is Back
Graphics Journalist Joe Sacco Files Another Report From Iraq
Eyebrowy are back again
Bangface: Nowt As Entertaining As This Here Bwoi
Indymedia review of 2005
Open Letter to the bongoloids
Crap Towns, Jobs and Holidays
Saving Rave From Trance
Over in Langerland and Beyond
White People Find Black People Loot
Internet Goodies


Special Dispositions for Chomsky: What'd Emma Have Thunk?
Fuck the Garda: A Night Time Encounter
Man Is The New Middle East
Charting Your Cycle
Interview With Judy Walsh: Why Would We Marry?
What Type Of Student Politics?

Housing Crisis Me Arse
Photos From Sterling
The Misfortune to be relieved of our infirmities
Libertarians for Life
Dundrum Shopping Centre: A 1960'S Vision of the Future
Hireable On Demand - Fireable at Whim
Mutiny is the conscience of war
Obesity With That Sir?
Outfoxed: Gagging Online Whispering.
Rent is robbery
Interview: They've Lost Everything But Abortion

Corporate Cha Ching, Chugging and Modern Indulgences
The Virtual Economy of Video Games
Video Game Homebrewing


Crawling Up The Walls Yet?
A Day Of Fitness
A New Look For The Blog
The Broadband Mobile That Thinks Its A Dial Up
In My Day We Burnt Out Cars
Out of the suburban box and into the dirty old town
Particularly Well Oiled In The Local
A Two Storey Object Leering At Me
Becoming a comrade
Thank God Its Friday - My Ass
UCDSU Elections In Allegorical Form
Buckfast, Wasn't this relationship Over?
All it took was a mandolin
The problem in this equation is work
€2.85 for a tepid coffee?


Essays, damn qoutes and conclusions.
Nazi German and The Working Class
Debt is the new colonialism
Economic growth can be social decline
Precarity and Organising on the McJob
Returning to Marx To go beyond orthodoxy


Amsterdam: Disney Land For Adults
Den haag: The Final Leg and the sad composer
Barcelona: Caravan Squat, CGT and A Jewel
The tourist thing in Paris
Sleeping in Jim Morrisons Grave
Lueven and Touching In
The Comedown from hell
That Dispatches: The Cultural difference of utmost importance.

Out and About

Isoldes Tower: The Only Place In Dublin Where Women Grope You
Another damn thing about Doyles
A fibbers for our times

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